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Muttentaltour engl

Visiting the Nightingale mine (Zeche Nachtigall) whose origins go back to the year 1714, you will experience the birthplace of mining in the Ruhr

Muttental tour

From Witten central station it goes to the beginnings of the coal in the valley of the Muttental. In the 16th Century began here the digging for coal and the mining.

Next on the mining trail to the ruins of castle Hardenberg.

Passing the dammed lake Kemnade, we bike through the beautiful Ruhr valley.

Continuing to Essen-Werden, we pass the former villa of the family Krupp, the Villa Huegel, on the other side of the lake.. Further we pass the dam, the old lock Neukirchen and the Brehm island

At the end of this tour, you can visit the pearl of the Ruhr, the old city of Essen-Werden it is renowned for its ancient monuments.

At the shores of the lake Baldeney a refreshement drink waits for us in the former farmyard Lehnshof, now a restaurant named House Scheppen.

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