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Krupptour engl

At the old cannon factory of the Krupp company, we start the tour in the heart of downtown Essen.

The Krupp tour

Past the original founder house on the premises of spectacularly new designed KruppThyssen-Krupp-quarters, we continue to bike along the disused railway track route of the Rhine Train Company (Rheinische Bahn).

Located in the Nightingale valley (Nachtigallental) we admire the almost six hundred years old Halbachhammer, donated by Gustav Krupp.

We continue slightly uphill to the beautifulsettlement Margarethenhöhe. Its namesake Margarete Krupp has contributed significantly to its construction design and it became famous beyond the borders of Essen.

Through the Krupp-forest, we reach the Villa Huegel, built in 1873 by Alfred Krupp on a hill. The most impressive detached family home in Essen, with a view of the entire Baldeneysee.

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