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Individuelle Touren engl

This page in German

You are visiting our cityand would to join a bikeride? Then contact usand we will arrange anindividual appointmentwith you or will suggestdates.

Individual tour

We know also interesting local sites off the known highlights,such as the very first ALDI store,the probably oldest Pommesbude (snack bar) with the second best Currywurst in Germany.Or we take you to visit a typical allotment garden in an allotmentgardens colony.

You have heard of some highlights from our region and would like to explore them by bicycle. We are happy to put your individual tour together.Would you like to endthe bike tour followedby a delicious meal, a shopping tour, a citycenter stroll or a visit to a specific landmark? Then we are happy to transport your bicycle back for your convenience.


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